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(Photo) Melvin Sherrell (KIA December 13th 1966) backing up Norman "Butch" Petit in the lower Level of a Tunnel System in Tay Ninh West. Both from Bravo Company 1st Platoon 3rd Squad.


The Tunnels of Cu Chi stretch long and deep
Dug into the netherworld's bowels, sneaky Vietcong to keep
Foxholes dug to hide within the bosom of Mother Earth
From fearful enemies to give wide berth.

The Great Tunnels of CU CHI
Were desperately dug systematically
Replete with sleeping quarters
For cunning Vietnam rebel soldiers.

The Ttunnels of CU CHI bore subterranean cities
Replete with all the civilities
With conference rooms and hospitals dug far underground
Rising oft to the surface in numerous spider holes found.

The Tunnels of CU CHI were for Vietcong recluse
Were a place for the damned to escape fighting's noose
To hide from withering firepower
Where malignant souls cower

In the Tunnels of CU CHI the treacherous could lie in wait
For an unsuspecting enemy to take their dreadful bait
From virulent foes ready to emerge from subterranean dike
From the heart of seclusion to secret a spear-like strike.

In the Tunnels of CU CHI hid a wily foe rancourous
Clandestine Vietcong dug deep in their malevolence
Waiting to shed from pent up solitude attacks injurious
Hiding in earth's recesses to inflict wounds most pernicious.

Into CU CHI Tunnel confines bigger Americans could not go
Into the Ttunnel black like pitch to pursue this cantankerous foe
There go men small of stature but big of heart to go down the rat hole
A few choice men selected to ventilate the vermin soul.

Go down Brave Hearts, aware of stark danger awaiting there
Running the Tunnels with prickles in your hair
Chills running along your back in fearing deep despair...
But still you go, Legions of HELL to dare...
Gary Jacobson
Bravo Company 2nd Bn 7th Cav
1st Cavalary ID Vietnam
For the 1st BN 5th Infantry Regiment 25th ID Class of 1966